Our Place in the Country


Peace in Cattail Valley: Folks have been visiting to sample luxury camping in our yurts for more than 16 years. Many have returned again and again to relax and follow our one-word rule :  ENJOY!      Lately, we've been developing a family of exciting new products ... check back often to see the latest!  

Mary Rose Herb Farm & Retreat is not currently growing or selling herbal crops. We are open to the public only for yurt rentals. The enterprise can best be described as a hobby farm. We host overnight guests, and produce craft products that we sell online.

Having found this very special place to live our dream, we have made it possible for others to enjoy it as well. We added three yurts. Two of them are available for rent. These unusual structures brought many visitors. Folks visit from far and wide to stay in a yurt and enjoy the peace of this rustic place. We are about 14 miles from Holiday World, so their season is also our busiest.

When we discovered and purchased this very special property in 1999, our long search was brought to a happy conclusion. We had found just the right place to live our dream of building a new enterprise in rural America.

We set out to create an organic herb farm & holistic retreat so our want list was long : chemical free land, clean air and water, great infra-structure with fast internet access, reasonable taxes, temperate 4-season climate, privacy, and scenic beauty.

Our land had been vacant for a dozen years, and gently managed before that by generations of one family all the way back to the Civil War. Hardwood forests on rolling hills make up about half of the total, with pastures, ponds, and our home occupying the rest.

Guests from our early years enjoyed meeting and sharing with Rosa Lee. She passed away in January, 2014. Her Traditional Chinese Medicine classes, wonderful cooking, hospitality, and helpful nature are dearly missed.

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