Gallon Bluebird Nesting Cavity with Trosef
Mary Rose Herb Farm & Retreat

Gallon Bluebird Nesting Cavity with Trosef

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We've created a cozy nesting cavity for bluebirds that clamps to a shepherd's hook. Using a gallon paint can and frisbees of recycled polypropylene, bubble insulation with radiant shield, trosef recycled tire rubber nesting/traction pad, a repurposed clamp, and remnant vinyl fabric, this birdhouse is a recycler's dream. The rubber entry hole is 1.5 inch diameter. There's a fledge ledge just inside, and a nesting area a safe distance from the opening. Insulation with radiant shield is sandwiched at both ends and all around the perimeter. The back cover is ventilated and can be removed for inspection and monitoring.

The shepherd's pole is not included.
You might want to mount a cam inside ---  there's room!

This is just the first product in our gallonhabitat line. It is crafted in Indiana by Rosy50 at the Mary Rose Herb Farm& Retreat.

Shipping is FREE via USPS Priority Mail with tracking. May we make one for you?

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