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Slugs love to feast in gardens!  Your plants are their preferred fare.  Folks have found that these hungry pests also like beer. We've created a trap where slugs can drop in for a drink , but can't escape. That reduces chances for plant damage.

The trap is made from repurposed vinyl records , a metal  jar ring, recycled plastic flyer, copper strip, and disposable paper cups.

You bait the cup with beer, snap it to the bottom of the trap, and place the assembly over/into a receiver cup that stays in the ground.  Harvesting is as simple as removing the cup and disposing of the contents. NO MESS!

We include the trap assembly, a receiver cup with drain holes to put in the ground, and a starter supply of six   9-oz. Dixie Cups.

Slugslammer is crafted in Indiana by Rosy50 at the Mary Rose Herb Farm & Retreat.

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